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EQ8 Change owner: Tim J Farrell has sought to take Ghandi’s famous quote to heart:

‘be the change you want to see in the world’.

In a 20+ year career Tim has so far:

1. Worked in c.20 different countries, across Europe, North-America & Asia-Pacific; in many cases relocating (including 5 times internationally), in order to engage with the project most fully.

2. Led changes for some of the world’s best known companies as an in-house HR & Change Leadership Specialist.

3. Supported change and growth for clients in an enormous range of sectors.

4. Kept strong focus on learning constantly, to meet new challenges, experience new cultures and better understand the range of ways of helping people and organisations to and through change. Such learning has included formal studies:

- MBA in Leading Change – Graduate School of Management – IAE, Aix-en-Provence, France
- Professional Masters Degree in Communication – Graduate School of Management – IAE, Aix-en-Provence, France
- 2 years Doctoral Research into ‘Effective Change Leadership Competence’ - Henley Business School, UK
- Fellow Chartered Institute of People & Development
5. Offered support in the wider community for over 10 years through teaching, coaching, fund-raising multiple global expeditions and active involvement with a UK charity supporting the sick and handicapped.

Over the years, I have faced change from lots of different perspectives. From leading major programmes for global plc’s, to one-on-one coaching and mentoring for people facing up to enormous life-changing decisions in their personal and/or professional lives.

I have twice experienced redundancy for myself, and appreciate the way that can make a person feel, and the journey involved in creating new paths.

I have worked and felt the joy of people triumphing in the face of what initially they thought unachievable.

I have been honoured to see and work beside people giving of the best of themselves, in their communities, organisations and families.

These and many other changes have fuelled a real drive for helping people to and through change.

People have enormous capability to change. Even in the face of tremendous difficulty, and it is a privilege to work with such people and amazing organisations and help them tap into that vast potential.

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